a film by Dara Albanese

script vision cast crew action cut screen

based on a short story by James Iredell & produced by Dara Albanese & Wendy Ball
with cinematography by Francis Assadi, featuring Jordan Burt, Carole Mansley and Nelson Perez

Sound Designer
Andrew Halasz,
has done sound design on countless Columbia University projects, including Albanese's previous East 7th Street. Two of the Columbia films he has worked on (Zen and the Art of Landscaping and Muse 6) have screened at Sundance.
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Shay Lynch
wrote & performed all of the music for Property of the Church. He also has worked with the director before to create the score for East 7th Street. His credits include the Sundance Channel ID as well spots for MTV, HBO and SNL. He works regularly with filmmaker Jeffrey Scher & a band, The Highwaters. For more information, please visit the Highwaters website.

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