a film by Dara Albanese

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based on a short story by James Iredell & produced by Dara Albanese & Wendy Ball
with cinematography by Francis Assadi, featuring Jordan Burt, Carole Mansley and Nelson Perez

PROPERTY OF THE CHURCH screened in September 2002 at the Wilmington Independent Film Festival
PRESS: "From paper to film A Reno writer's fiction becomes an indie flick in the Big Apple"-Reno News Review

Jordan Burt as LarryProperty of the Church is a Columbia University thesis short, directed by Dara Albanese & adapted from a short story of the same name by James Iredell. The film was shot on DV & premiered in April 2002 at the Columbia University Film Festival. Albanese has also the directed the short film East 7th Street. In addition to current film pursuits, she is Co-Publisher & Editor of the online short fiction magazine & is in development on [a film by].com.
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(Film still: Jordan Burt as Larry)


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