a film by Dara Albanese

script vision cast crew action sound screen

based on a short story by James Iredell & produced by Dara Albanese & Wendy Ball
with cinematography by Francis Assadi, featuring Jordan Burt, Carole Mansley and Nelson Perez

Wendy Ball
also produced the short film East 7th Street.
She is Co-Publisher of an online short fiction magazine,, along with Dara Albanese. She has a degree in art & a background in commercial photo production. She works at Travel+Leisure Magazine.
Director of Photography
Francis Assadi
has recently moved to NYC from San Francisco where he shot the feature film
In the Wake.
Sound: Antonio Perez

location sound recordist Antonio Perez

photos ©2002 by Wendy Ball
Fight Director
Edward J. Wheeler
& partner Laurie Miller are based in NYC where they do fight direction for stage & screen under the name
Fight Builders.

Ed Wheeler
Additional Crew

Associate Producer: Naomi Bombardi-Wilson
Assistant Director:
Megan Ford
2nd Asst. Director:
Nicole Glikman
Adam Campanella
Location Sound:
Antonio Perez
Wardrobe Stylist
Christine Villabona-Kuntz
Marissa Masella
email All material herein Copyright ©2001-2004 by Dara Albanese.
(unless otherwise stated)
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