a film by Dara Albanese

script vision cast crew action sound screen

based on a short story by James Iredell & produced by Dara Albanese & Wendy Ball
with cinematography by Francis Assadi, featuring Jordan Burt, Carole Mansley and Nelson Perez

Jordan Burt
as Larry Dawlripple

Carole Mansley
as Mrs. Dawlripple

Nelson Perez
as Dapilla

Michael Velez as Omar
& Jelani Fernando as Rafael

Martha Morgan
as Angry Driver

Jason Arias & Jeff Roches
as Older Kids

Additional cast: Andrew Hudson Gelles, Phillip Samuel Graham, Julian Leon, Ricky Munroe (Dapilla's gang)
Isabel McWhorter-Rosen, Alyson Nagle, Tristan Munroe, Michelle Velez (Classmates)
Tom Shroeder (Priest), Andrea Vantucci (Dog Walker)
email All material herein Copyright ©2001-2004 by Dara Albanese.
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