East 7th Street
a film by Dara Albanese

script cast crew cut sound screen

A mysterious drip puts a building superintendent through the wringer.

produced by Wendy Ball with cinematography by John McCabe, art direction by Bryan Hodge
& featuring Joe Corey, Ruth Kulerman, and Jeremiah Clancy.

Sound Designer
Andrew Halasz,
worked hard pulling together the sound design for close to a dozen films in Columbia University's 2001 Film Festival. Two of the Columbia films he worked on in 2000
(Zen and the Art of Landscaping & Muse 6)
screened at Sundance.
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Shay Lynch
created the score for East 7th Street. His credits include the Sundance Channel ID as well as various spots for MTV, HBO and SNL. He works regularly with filmmaker Jeffrey Scher and is in the band, The Highwaters. For more information, please visit the Highwaters website.

Listen to the
East 7th Street theme score by Shay Lynch:
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has two albums:
angels, bombs and martians,
& breathing hole. The song, "witches," from the angels album, serves as the closing song in
East 7th Street. It was written by gavin and Roman Morykit ©1999 Aliki Shrine Music/Norman Mornyfat Music (ASCAP), courtesy of Off the Beaten Track Recordings. For more information about gavin please visit his website:
He is also on; to download the song "witches," click here.
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