D. Albanese sketch
Dara Albanese, Writer/Director/Editor
East 7th Street

reelWriter/director Dara Albanese is a recipient of a Master of Fine Arts from Columbia University's Film Division. She has completed several short films, two of which - East 7th Street and Property of the Church - are currently highlighted herein on the afilmby.com website. Her films have screened at Taste of Art Screenings, Wilmington Independent Film Festival, Virginia Film Festival, Columbia University Film Festivals and the 20th Poetry Film/Video Festival.

Dara holds undergraduate degrees in journalism and political science. At Columbia University, she was a Teaching Assistant for International Film 1930-1960 under Andrew Sarris. Before entering Columbia, she first pursued post-graduate study of filmmaking in San Francisco at the San Francisco Art Institute, Film/Arts Foundation and San Francisco State University. While on the West Coast, she interned as Outreach Coordinator for the 3rd International Film Financing conference, held yearly in San Francisco, and co-created the video Dyslexic Haiku.

She resides in New York City and is the Co-Publisher and Editor of
collectedstories.com, an online magazine devoted to literary short fiction
and is in development on
[a film by].com. She also recently freelanced as an Assembly Editor with Symbiosis Films for a documentary on composer Ned Rorem.

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